April Kettle Bell Swing Challenge!

5 Apr

I’ve seen lots of posts about the 300 kettle bell swing challenge. But not everyone is there yet. Even broken up into smaller increments throughout the day, 300 is way too many for some people. If this sounds like you- this challenge may be a better fit. This will allow you to work up to 400 swings in one day! Follow me on Facebook for daily reminders and check-ins!

Pick a weight that is comfortable but challenging. You can always go up or down as the month progresses. You want a weight that feels rather light for the first few swings, then starts to feel heavy as you get higher in your counts. If it’s heavy after 3-4 swings, go lighter. If you find that you’ve done 50 swings and it doesn’t feel heavy- go heavier. If you’ve followed my page over the past few months, you know that I’m also a fan of the Russian kettle bell swing over the American. HERE’S WHY.




Starts with day 1 (yes, I know it has already passed! But feel free to jump in on whatever day you want!)

Day 1: 100 kettle bell swings.

Day 2: 120 swings.
Day 3: 130 swings.
Day 4: 140 swings.


Day 9: 190 swings
Day 10: 200 swings
Day 11: 210 swings
Day 12: 220 swings


Day 19: 290 swings
Day 20: 300 swings
Day 21: 310 swings
Day 22: 320 swings


Day 29: 390 swings
Day 30: 400 swings


Let us know how you’re doing with this challenge by visiting our Facebook page!


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