Did You Get a Card?

If you’re reading this, you likely received a card from Kettle Booty…

KB card  KB card 2

Consider this card an invitation to the Kettle Booty community!

It is likely that you em(body) the spirit of Kettle Booty:

Glutes for Sex Appeal
Glutes for Athleticism
Glutes for Strength

Kettle Booty hopes to help people of all shapes, sizes and abilities to get the glutes they want and need for sexy, healthy, strong bodies.

If you have a training video or photos that you want to share with Kettle Booty, please email them to Kettle.Booty@gmail.com!

Thank you for being a part of Kettle Booty!

KB card 3

*By emailing your picture or video to kettle.booty@gmail.com, you are certifying that the picture or video belongs to you and you are giving permission for Kettle Booty to use it at their discretion. Please note that not all pictures or videos may be used. Thank you for your submissions.*

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